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Radio LRB
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Interview mat Enter Shikari um Rocco Del Schlacko. Demnächst och bei eis op der Antenne!

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Enter Shikari // Interview at Rocco Del Schlacko

Four-piece post-hardcore band, Enter Shikari, was formed in 2003 in St Albans, Hertfordshire, England. Since then, the band, well known for their crossover s…

Radio LRB
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Den Stay-Tuned Interview mat Say Yes Dog. Demnächst och bei eis op der Antenne!

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August 14, 2014August 14, 2014/Tim Morizet Interview with Say Yes DogSay Yes Dog, a German/Luxembourgish trio from Berlin/Luxembourg have been up and down Europe touring and playing as many festivals as possible. Tim Morizet met Aaron, Pascal and Paul at their Food For Your Senses 2014 show to talk…

Radio LRB
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Update for our electronic shows on Radio LRB:

Every week the best sessions from the world most famous djs exclusive for Luxembourg only on our station!

103,9FM or LIVE STREAM http://www.lrb.lu

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Yoyo xno
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Radio LRB
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Alles ronderem den e-Lake festival (Navetten,Djs,Bands,Programme,Camping,Bühnen asw.) fannder op http://www.e-lake.lu

Den GRATIS 3 Deeg festival zu Letzebuerg!

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e-Lake festival – e-Lake festival


e-Lake festival @ Lake Echternach (LUX) 3-days-music festival (free entrance)