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Every second friday / all zweeten Freiden #live

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Radio LRB
06/01/2016 at 19:42

Hey Folks,
Et ass Mëttwoch an dat heescht ,, ROUND ABOUT ROCK ,, hei um LRB.
Lauschtert eran um 103,9FM oder um Livestream LRB.lu !
Schreift eis hei op Facebook oder op den SMS: 621 22 11 11 äert Wonschlidd oder Gréiss !

Radio LRB
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Radio LRB shared a page.

NEW 2 days festival – 2 stages – over 32 djs – all kind of electronic music – 2 Headliners from TOMORROWLAND & much more….

Infos, Djs & Tickets on:

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Open Air Field Festival

The 'Open Air Field' is an electronic music Event in Luxembourg.
Music styles: EDM, Deephouse, House, Tech House, Techno, Progressive House, Big Room etc.

Event Planning/Event Services: 4,468 like this

Pippo On Percussions
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Pippo On Percussions shared an event to Radio LRB's Timeline.


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After the several successful sessions in Luxembourg-ville and some very lively Belval Jam sessions, we have created the @[244252092589763:274:Itinerantes JAM Session], a concept to keep our main engine alive: MUSIC.

Trusting in the multiculturalism of Luxembourg that has been expressed through the music, @[244252092589763:274:Itinerantes JAM Session] is born as an alternative, as a itinerant music project.
As the name implies (@[272771339595792:274:Itinerantes]) we are planning to move, travel, and ramble around the region: city to city, plaza to plaza, venue to venue; inspiring and encouraging musicians from each region or area to participate in our sessions. Of course, moving around from session to session in the true @[272771339595792:274:Itinerantes] spirit is highly encouraged and appreciated! We want to be a roaming meeting point for artists and public alike, that each session brings life to new musical and artistic projects. We will begin recording our @[244252092589763:274:Itinerantes JAM Session]s and will create an EP to showcase the sessions of each season.

To start this journey off we have accepted the challenge and the proposal to bring the artist and music loving community together at the ?????. On the 29th of April, ITINERANTES takes over the space for a special night. Not only is it the launch of the ITINERANTES Jam Session circuit, it is an Itinerantes family member’s birthday as well! Talented percussionist @[1121185372:2048:Pippo On Percussions] will be celebrating his birthday and going all out, all night! Lots of percussion, hot rhythms and good vibes for musicians and guests to dance to and enjoy all night.

Bass Players / Rappers / Vocalists / Percussionists / Keyboard players / Violinists / Trumpets / Sax / Drummers / Synth producers / Guitarists /
… all musicians and dancers are invited!

Hosted by MC of the evening @[270570396386569:274:Tommy Lux]

Time line:

21h – 24 h JAMMING (All styles)
24h – 3h.00 @[513767205308045:274:Aka Dj Ghost] & friends will be providing some Funk/Bossa/Reggae/Boogaloo/HipHop/Jazz


Organized by @[57905523570:69:ITINERANTES asbl] & @[208531969173900:274:BlueStyle Bar, Betembourg]

Support by:

@[146556875433743:274:Another Level Productions]
@[163382983680926:274:Partynators asbl]
@[252473448161289:274:Bienvenue Venezuela-Luxembourg]
@[100740159984548:274:Radio Latina]
@[510256562371155:274:Venezolanos en Luxemburgo y entornos]
@[533448543486205:274:Luxembourg Expats]

Radio LRB
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Radio LRB updated their cover photo.

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